Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Plan... What birth plan?

I took 2 different birth classes and worked hard to educate myself on all birth possibilities.  Being that this was my first delivery I did not know how it was going to go, so my plan was to just roll with things as they came and with the education I had given myself make decisions as I went.  God had prepared me that it would be difficult and not as I typically ‘plan’, but he would guide and protect the baby and me.  Being that I plan things for a living and God had let me think that I had planned my due date, I figured the planning would end there.  As you read, on the labor and delivery challenges I encountered became almost humorous at the end.  I also must forewarn you that although this is kept light, this might be TMI for some of you.     

Wednesday morning we headed off to the hospital.  It was not at all what I had expected.  When you get induced you skip all of the typical check in and things you are told you will have to do when you arrive.  We went straight to our room, which ended up being the exact room we toured, which was kind of comforting (at first).  Although the room had a great view, it actually became a laugh with things that kept breaking.  My bed sounded like a forklift (which is really comforting when you already feel like a whale) when it was raised and lowered and the toilet leaked, just to name a few items for you. 

With the induction the few things I ‘wanted’ with my delivery, like being able to use the tub and being up and moving, went right out the window.  When you are induced they like to track babies heart rate and you are hooked up to an IV so you are stuck in the bed.  The idea was if they could get my body to take over and begin doing the work then I could come off of those items, so we crossed our fingers, but I learned within the first 12 hours of labor that coming off of the pitocin was not in the cards for me.  

For the most part my body did well on the pitocin, as well as one can do on that stuff.  My blood pressure was good and except for crazy strange contractions I felt pretty good.  The contractions went from 0 to 60 pretty quickly, which at first I thought it was great.  One of my birth class teachers, told us no pain no gain, so with that in mind I appreciated finally feeling contractions, one-step closer to baby.  At one point I even told the nurse to turn the pictoin up, what I was thinking I am not really sure, but at the time it sounded like a good idea.  What made the whole thing difficult is that the contractions I was having were unpredictable.  One thing I had planned on doing to help with the pain was counting and timing my contractions.  If you know they are going to be a min long and 2 mins apart you can prepare yourself.  Mine were all over the map.  3 and 4 mins long with about a min apart for a half and hour or so and then they would be a min long and 5 mins apart.  Not only that but when the contractions had gotten strong they turned down the pitocin to see if my body would take over, and nothing, my contractions practically stopped.  So after 12 hours of unpredictability I decided it was time to get an epidural.  Since I had to be in bed anyways and not being able to use any of the tricks I had planned to help with the pain, it really helped me to relax.   One of the things I was not fully prepared for was how much a shook, which had been tiring me out.   The hormones were intense. 

After having the epidural I felt great.  They gave me a light dose so that I could still move my legs and I still knew when I was having a contraction, which was important to me at the time.  After a couple of hours I realized that something was not right.  I had one leg that was so dead that it kept falling off the bed while the light numbness I had felt on the other side was now gone.  Several hours later we discovered that my epidural tube had slid in to far and my left side was getting a double dose and after some adjustment we were back to normal, but it would be a long time before I could feel my left side again.  

We also learned Kennadie and I had other set backs we had to deal with.  Although she was head down she was turned sideways, not ideal, which made for some really fantastic back labor.   There was also meconium in the water when it was broke, so we had to be careful with our timetable to make sure Kennadie did not go into stress.   

Slowly but surely we were progressing.  I had the best nurse that was so encouraging.  I think I stuck it out as long as I did because she was there.  Every centimeter was a celebration, but I started to discover that things were not going the way it should when they kept telling me that the baby was not coming down like it should, which was part of the reason I was moving so slowly.  At 8 cm, progression stopped.  For 5 hours I tried to give it a go, but things were not looking good for us to deliver the ‘typical’ way.  Kennadie was stuck.  Failure to process they call it.  Failing!?!?!  I have never failed at anything in my life, but I guess there is a first time for everything.  It was beginning to look like my narrow hips had gotten the best of us.  My nurse even commented that my cervix was starting to swell, so I was going to be headed back in the wrong direction.     

After chatting with my nurse and my doctor, both felt a c-section was the only way Kennadie was coming out.  I was glad I had educated myself on the ins and outs and felt calm headed into surgery.

Trav already for surgery. 
The c-section was straightforward and they were able to get Kennadie very quickly.  She came out screaming and perfect.     
She is finally here!
Kennadie and her very proud daddy.  

8lbs 2oz, 21 inches 
This is what a very stuck conehead looks like.  
I am so grateful that God was looking out for Kennadie and I.  Had we not been at the hospital and had we not had wonderful doctors and nurses helping us we would have not made it.  He kept me positive through the whole process.

I am also grateful for the world’s most supportive husband.  Every step of the way and every decision that had to be made he was there supporting me and cheering me on.  Thanks honey!

The first Franklin family photo
In the end we have a beautiful baby girl that we love dearly.           


Lyongirl said...

Loved reading this and the first one. I will look foward for more to come. :) Great job mama.

Katie said...

I love birth stories! Beautiful :)

And yes, that is quite a cone head, LOL. Addie came out with hers perfectly round, with no molding or cone at all. Probably because she shot out like a cannon. Easy on her head, destructive to my pubic bone.

Excited to possibly get to meet this little girl soon!

V said...

Beautiful, Whitney! You are a real trooper! You, Travis, and God make a great team!

Barak said...


I dont know what happened, check all you did in your life, but THaT THING IS NOT YOUR SON.It was implated in your wife.Semen and egg are from other non humans.

second, in the future someone will take care of him he will be a lider. and will be hidden from mankind.

He will be a kid with very luck in life, studies jobs, etc. No get happy, hes being helped by someone.

Now get prepared for that.